Do you have Lazy Assets?
Lazy Assets are those that could be put to a more strategic purpose. Most businesses that have been around for more than 5
years have them. Here are some examples of Lazy Assets:
Equipment you do not use anymore, but cannot force yourself to get rid of. Deep in your gut you know that the phone
will ring tomorrow and a project will come up to use that asset. And you have been saying that for how long?
Accounts Receivable with small balances. You know the drill. The customer pays the invoice with out freight or some
other relatively small charge. This can add up to thousands of dollars over time. Sending statements has not worked,
but you feel like a jerk calling about a small amount. Call anyway!
3. Old or obsolete inventory. Find an outlet for these items that will not destroy your current sales stream and move it out.
Cash in checking accounts that were set up foe a good purpose, but are no longer used. Close them and put those
dollars to good use.
You get the idea. It is time to put your Lazy Assets to better use! Look around your Balance Sheet – and your shop. You might
be surprised what you find.