Your Success is our Success!
The Children of God were wandering in the wilderness and were desperate for food. In
His wisdom, God provided manna for His Children, but just one day’s supply at a time.
Such it is with us. God sustains us and calls us to be stewards of His generosity. Thus
Manna Management is dedicated to the Stewardship of God’s blessings and maximizing
the results of our efforts in utilizing His gifts…one day at a time.

Manna Management Your success is our success

The Manna logo reflects several images.
Each side of the equilateral triangle is a key for any successful organization. The three things every
organization must do in the long run to be successful are:
1) satisfy one or more needs in the marketplace,
2) assemble the resources (employees, suppliers, etc.) to meet those needs, and
3) provide a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI), or other goal unit, to the investors.
The triangles get successively smaller as the eye moves to the center indicating focus and purpose.
Yet, it does not reach total clarity due to the one constant we must all be aware of…change. While
focused, we must keep our eyes available to watch the change going on around us and be proactive
as we manage our resources.
The arrows indicate our desire to grow each side of the triangle so the future is bigger, better, and
brighter than the present.
History teaches us that as change happens, the triangle will not always be equilateral. Some years
will lose money. A competitor will take market share and we will innovate and get it back. Key
employees come and go. In the long-run, however, the triangle must keep its shape to be successful.
Pray for wisdom to keep your triangle in shape…and growing!
Better Questions . . . . Better Results!